High-quality audio output from Nintendo Switch to speakers | Compatible USB DAC list summary

There are multiple ways to output audio from the Nintendo Switch. This article briefly introduces the USB DAC connection, which provides the highest quality audio output, and presents a list of USB DACs that are compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

How to Repair Amplifier | DIY repairing of a broken amplifier bought from a junk store

This article introduces how to identify the malfunctioning part of a failed amplifier and how to repair it, and reports on the actual repair! A DENON PMA-390II, which is said to be a masterpiece, was sold at a junk store at a low price because one of the sound was not coming out, so I immediately bought it and repaired it.

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Time4VPS|advantages and disadvantages

Here are 6 reasons why you should use the world's cheapest VPS available for rent from $1/month Time4VPS is a VPS service provided by a Lithuanian company.

DIY high-quality sound digital amplifier|TA2020-20

Introducing a self-made digital amplifier using Tripath's TA2020-20 IC. Introduction of examples including circuit diagrams, sound quality of capacitors such as Black Gate, and examples of modifications to prevent pop noise.

EARIN earbuds| DIY battery replacement

Explanations of how to open a capsule and replace a dead battery. Genuine brand battery is ICR17280, but I used FUJITSU CR2C battery. It worked!

List of HiFi DAC on Raspberry Pi(I2S output)

A HiFi DAC is easily obtained using a Raspberry Pi. There are a lot of Raspberry Pi DACs. So I report the result of my research on Raspberry Pi DACs.

MINIBOSS I2S DAC for Raspberry Pi Zero review

HiFi audio for Raspberry Pi Zero W. I will introduce my review of MINIBOSS I2S DAC and modification methods for high sound quality.